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Sunday, May 06, 2007

The deluge of posts

That the zero non-ackfoo/Mrs. Foo readers of this crappy blog expected have not materialized. The we're busy dodge has gotten old, so I guess that for all our best intentions, our missing legions of fans will have to hang in there for a while longer.

Why aren't we more prolific in posting on this sad little unvisited blog? Well, we are busy. The fantastic Mrs. Foo has finally determined which of the many suitors for her workplace services will get the pleasure of her company (some travel outfit I've never heard of), while work and the mountain of home projects that we have been doing has slowed us down.

So until Mrs. Foo seizes control of this humble blog and guides it to the great things she expects of it, you, our fair reader (ghd3), should expect only sporadic and uninteresting updates.



At 10:45 AM, Blogger ghd3 said...

Sporadic? Perhaps. Uninteresting? Never.

The fruits of your labors (specifically on the house projects keeping you so busy) are quite impressive.

See you soon!


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