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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Deserves a link, has for a while

Ladies and gentlemen,
I return to this posting every few months, and each time (especially when I think of how many Americans [and Iraqis] have died since it was written) I feel a combination of anger at the political leadership of the US from 2001-2007 and sadness at the fact that I, as an American, abetted this situation.

I have several good friends who are former military (Army, Navy, and Marines), and I have to admit that the thought of any of them being mistreated the way our current military is by the "pro-military" GOP enrages and disgusts me.

So here, for my one reader, is Lions Led by Donkeys, from Memorial Day 2006.

That is some strong Kung Fu.


At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Mrs. Foo said...

How do I post?

Someone needs to - it's been a LONG time.

Are you going to moderate me?

the Mrs. Foo


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