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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Deserves a link, has for a while

Ladies and gentlemen,
I return to this posting every few months, and each time (especially when I think of how many Americans [and Iraqis] have died since it was written) I feel a combination of anger at the political leadership of the US from 2001-2007 and sadness at the fact that I, as an American, abetted this situation.

I have several good friends who are former military (Army, Navy, and Marines), and I have to admit that the thought of any of them being mistreated the way our current military is by the "pro-military" GOP enrages and disgusts me.

So here, for my one reader, is Lions Led by Donkeys, from Memorial Day 2006.

That is some strong Kung Fu.

What's first? A Black President or a Woman President?

I was talking about this question this weekend with some friends, and today i realized how close we might be to the answer, looking at potential candidates in the 2008 cycle.

Hilary is the 900- pound gorilla of the Democratic party. I'm not that disappointed by this. Many think that she would be a doomed candidate, but I am not so sure. Bottom line, it is difficult to handicap a candidate as unprecedented as Hilary Clinton.

Barak Obama is is wildcard. His charisma is obvious, but he has not been tested as Hilary has been, which gives me pause. However, he is a very interesting candidate, and as difficult to handicap as Hilary is. One advantage is that he is less distanced from the retail campaigning that is critical in early primary/caucus states (having only recently moved from the state senate to federal office), and that could be an advantage in the early going.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A cell phone rule

It's fine with me if you talk on the mobile. It's also fine with me if you have inane conversations on your mobile (though I would prefer not in my vicinity, but I assume that you [and you know who you are] don't always know you're in the presence of greatness).


If you're having an inane conversation on your mobile (i.e., I and everyone else on planet Earth know it's not your boss or a dramatic family emergency) and because of that you are keeping the long line behind you from moving forward expeditiously because the addition of a mobile is too much for you to handle, you must hang up.

If you are in line within my reach, this may be done for you. That is all.