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Monday, February 13, 2006

Glenn Greenwald

Although Glenn Greenwald has only been blogging for three months, he's been rapidly embraced and linked to by other (especially progressive) bloggers. He's one of those bloggers whose output and clarity are awe-inspring (well beyond my abilities, as should be evident to everyone reading this blog).

In the last two days he's written a great post on the bizarre phenomenon that has been the creation of an incredible cult of personality around Bush and the replacement of conservative political ideology with a "whatever Bush does = conservative ideology." Glenn's argument is good, and goes a long way toward explaining why Bush, who objectively seems to have abandoned practially all of what would have been seen as conservative principals in say, 1988, retains a rabid base of "conservative" defenders. I guess 9/11 changed everything, including the ability of many conservatives to identify and stick to their principles.

The follow up to Glenn's original post is great, too.


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